Add dynamics

Gyroscopically stabilized, remotely controlled BLACK UNICORN crane is designed to solve a huge range of complex operator’s tasks when shooting moving or stationary objects. Due to high precision and ease of use combined with powerful characteristic, it adds dynamics to every scene.

light & agile

Remotely controlled Black Unicorn crane can operatey any panoramic gyroscopically stabilized camera platforms weighing up to 60 kg. Black Unicorn crane is light and agile and therefore it allows shooting at a carrier speed of over 160 km/h on the road and 90 km/h off roads. The remote control is placed inside the cabin of the vehicle.


  • Possible crane configuration: 3,15 m / 5,35 m / 6,45 m / 7,55 m
  • 360° panning capability
  • Pan speed: 360° / 4,5 sec
  • Nominal voltage 60 VDC
  • Limits speed and damping control available from control panel
  • Max. weight with maximum payload 790 kg
standard vision
black unicorn vision


Specially designed

Mercedes ML63 AMG was specially designed to hold Black Unicorn crane and Head by mounting the racing roll cage directly to the body of the car. Thanks to its powerful engine and all-wheel drive, it provides manipulation even at higher speeds and off-road conditions.

Control system

All control system are located directly in the car along with the monitors on which you can follow the shooting. For easy access to the equipment on the roof, car hood is equipped with steps and stairs.


  • USB Outlets
  • 4 pin XLR power throughout the vehicle
  • Inverter
  • Front and Rear Hitches
  • Steps for roof access
  • Rigging mounts for platforms and rigging
  • Line-x coating on all high traffic areas
  • Carbon Fiber wrap and Line-x for a non-reflective surface
specification (PDF)

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